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Member Testimonials

Dear Brian Treece and Mary Phillips,
Thank you very much for visiting our Orthopaedic program. I appreciate all of your efforts on behalf of the Orthopaedic community, including our patients, hospitals, staff, and fellow physicians, through the Missouri State Orthopaedic Association. With all of the challenges facing healthcare, it is reassuring to know you are advocating for orthopaedic issues. Thank you again for your time, assistance and consideration.

Nathan Skelley, M.D.
Washington University
October 2012

MSOA provides an opportunity to step out of our hectic day-to-day clinical life and connect with other Missouri orthopaedic surgeons. Interacting with our peers on both the professional and social level helps to mitigate the isolation that can easily result from our busy and demanding professional lives.

Dirk Alander, MD
January, 2011

We all wear a great many hats throughout our lives and belong to numerous organizations-church, school, social, civic and service. etc. The MSOA has provided the opportunity to interact with peers in a much needed social and educational venue. I have met national figures from within our ranks and from coast to coast at our meetings and taken home many applicable pearls. Involvement has allowed an avenue to be a part of the political process that shapes the future of our profession that has been so rewarding to us all. As I see the younger docs coming on board and see children growing older I am reminded how swiftly our time in practice and life goes and count the MSOA as very positive part of Orthopaedics. There will always be strength in numbers and I hope to see our organization continue to grow in numbers and influence.

Doug Kiburz, MD
December, 2010

I was completely unaware of the work that the MSOA does on behalf of Missouri orthopaedic surgeons until I was nominated for a board position. From actively lobbying on our behalf in both Jefferson City and Washington D.C., securing grants to promote important pieces of legislation, to setting up CME events and ensuring that the association remains strong, the MSOA is a model organization that other states are actively trying to emulate. I would encourage all who are eligible to not just join but participate in the MSOA. Like me, you'll be amazed at how strong a voice we really have.

Jonathan Grantham, MD
December, 2010

With the introduction of new leadership in 2004 the Missouri State Orthopaedic Association has flourished and become a “best practices” model for state associations throughout our nation. As of today, the MSOA is financially sound with a strong and growing membership. Through continued effort, the MSOA enjoys bipartisan access to state and national political leadership with obvious benefits to membership. Simply put, the MSOA is the voice for orthopaedic surgeons in the state of Missouri.

Joel Jeffries, MD
December, 2010



Membership benefits

Member testimonials

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